Hi, I'm Jeri/Charise. I go by a variety of usernames but you can call me anything in my long list of names really.
I like anonymity but for the basics: I'm female, a minor, and I go by she/her..

I will admit, I am a very lame person. All I do is play games, code, and do my required daily tasks (aka eating & bathing).
I don't have much interests too. I like Vocaloid, Genshin, and a few other games but I don't really like anything too much to the point I'd count it as an interest or hobby.

As for my personality: I'm not too easy to get along with I would say. I'm genuinely on the verge of snapping so if I can be aggressive or unexpressive.
Additionaly, I've been told that I've been acting different lately so you can take a hint of how I act from that information alone.
Aside from that though, I have the personality of a generic anime mc.

Anyways that's about it. I'm not gonna write an entire essay about how boring I am so I'd recommend you look at literally any of the other pages here.